High Ground

by Masketta Man

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We've been together for such a long time
I’ve always had your back and you’ve had mine
I have always thought of you like a brother to me
And it breaks my heart now you’ve become an enemy

I can’t understand and I don’t know what to say
You've got a loving wife and a baby on the way
Yet still you yearn for power, but just so you know
You’re no match for me while you’re standing down below

Cuz I got the high ground
I’ve got the edge over you
You’re in no position, Anakin please listen
Don’tcha be a fool

Can I get through to you or is it too late?
Can't you see what you're doing? Are you blinded by hate?
Palpatine has deceived you into believing all his lies
i’m telling you he’s evil, just look into his eyes

But somehow he got into your brain
And now you don’t know who to blame
I wish I could have taught you how to think
Oh I’m sorry I failed you
Can't we settle this over a game of holochess?

I got the high ground
I’ve got the edge over you
It seems quite unfair, Anakin don’t you dare
Don’t try anything
Hold up, you’re not thinking clear
I’ve got the advantage up here

I always thought you’d do good
I guess I misunderstood
All of those things you could do
I always believed in you


released May 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Masketta Man London, UK

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